F'N TBO  (Tactical Bottle Opener) by Battle Mug
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The F'N Tactical Bottle Opener by Battle Mug

Looking for the perfect companion piece for your Battle Mug?
Need the ultimate gift for that special "Gun Nut" in your life?
Need to be more tactical while drinking with your buddies?

Then our F'N TBO is for you!

Includes split ring and custom braided 550 para cord.

Made from 4140 Pre-Hardened Mil-Spec quality Steel
This flash hider inspired bottle opener will provide a lifetime of support during "Drink-OPs"
Phosphate coated



**Fine Print:
While the F'N Tactical Bottle Opener has many of the features of a well known AR Flash Hider, this is being sold as a fully functional bottle opener only.
Don't drink and shoot
Don't shoot your eye out
Etc, etc, etc.

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F'N TBO (Tactical Bottle Opener) by Battle Mug

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